Envirofit is a social enterprise designing, producing, and selling efficient, durable and affordable cookstoves that create environmental, health, and social impacts for homes and institutions in developing nations.

  • Innovating to save lives

    Envirofit researchers conduct emissions testing at the advanced cookstoves lab in Colorado, USA

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  • Producing Quality Cookstoves at Scale

    Program Assistant, Perminus Nyangena inspects recently manufactured M-5000 cookstoves at the Envirofit production facility in Nairobi, Kenya

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  • Building Local Economies

    Mathew Akayeti, Project Coordinator of the Energy for Life Initiative, educates more than 300 women on the use and benefits of Envirofit Charcoal stoves in Bolga, Ghana

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  • Revolutionizing the Kitchen

    The chef and principle of the Ngelani Ranch Primary school in Machakos district, Kenya, stand in front of their new institutional stove, which saves them 70% in fuel use and 2 hours of cooking time and feeds more than 300 students five days a week

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  • Creating Jobs

    At times selling more than 50 cookstoves a month door-to door, Naomi a mother of 3 in Kumasi, Ghana, earns enough per month to pay the school fees of her children

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  • Changing behaviors

    Switching from an open fire to an Envirofit G-3300, Lakshmi Bai in Maharashtra, India saves 15% of her income a month for her family while reducing her impact on the environment and improving her family’s health

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  • Improving lives

    Like Maria, commercial users of the HM-5000 plancha save enough in fuel to increase their income by more than $3 a day, over $1000 a year

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